Final report and presentaion

On 6th May 2011, there was final presentation and report about what 3J PLUS Z has done. (It was reflection of our business) 

Here’s our Final presentation documents.


The definition of Design thinking and entrepreneurship

In recent, the business model has been required new model of business in order to develop the business circumstance. According to the author of business model generation, “the Business model innovation is hardly new and it is transforming industry landscapes today is unprecedented. Business model innovation is about creating value, for companies, customers, and society” (2010, p5). In addition, Oster states that “Design thinking is an essential antecedent to the effective development and initiation of corporate strategy” (2008, p.111). While, Boland & Collopy describes that “Managers are trained and rewarded for being decision makers – to have alternatives presented to them from which they make choices by computing net present values, optimizing underassumed constraints, and trading off risks for returns” (2006, p.52). It can be seen that is design thinking not only a new process in order to develop the management system but also there is leader who operates the projects or its project team in organisation. In brief, design thinking which is new business model and new management system.


Business Model Generation

The business Fair

There was two times business fair for business students in Kingston University. It was established February and April at campus and market in Kingston. The fair was combined by MA student and BA student, thus, it was an opportunity to observe how students or people create their own business and how to develop their unique ideas for business.

Before the business fair, we had group meeting how our products would be exhibited and presented by researching. Actually, we were considered about how our products can be shown as a new product, so we made a decision to produce the packaging such as a dust bags, price tag etc. In addition, our group attempted to demonstrate what 3J PLUS Z is doing for the planet with our business card. For this reason, our group wanted to print out our own business card on the cookie boxes, so we examined if it could work and we produced the packaging and brand’s logo of company like this:

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However, in the first fair, we did not sell that much products because there were only students who study in this module and course leaders, so it seemed that there was no pressure to sell products. By that experience, we were learnt that the importance of marketing and communication for succeed business. Therefore, in the second fair, Jin-young and I walked around the Bentall to seek customers but there was no one who considered the shopping. Our group sold several products though the fair did not work for selling the products.

The experience of designing the advertisement

One more important thing for marketing is that our group had to produce the advertisement. In this lecture, we had learnt the important elements for marketing such as web design plan, using searching program like tweeter and the creation of advertisement. The primary key factor is that the emotion could attract people and could shift their action. In other words, the advertisement would control the customer’s mind by usage of emotion with sound, color, smell and acting etc. As our usual, based on this lecture our group had to produce the advertisement.

Even though there was no enough time, we had to complete the task, thus our group created two types of advertisement. (Because, It was hard to combine all our ideas.)

  1. Focus on emotion and our products
  2. Focus on how 3J PLUS Z creates the products and mission statement

Designing the Brand

What is designing the brand or Branding work? Branding work is that the company attempt to make their own image for communication with customers. Designing the brand demonstrates the brand’s value, promise and how the element of company attracts their customers. Moreover, brand image could be a significant aspect of business plan and marketing for companies. In short word, the graphical interpretation such as logo is important for development of companies. For this reason, we had looked at the factors of designing logo and the function of each element in this lecture.   

Following are six of the main elements to consider when we create the brand’s logo.

Space: Actual and virtual

Form: Foreground/ Background

Colour: Could be used different colour or the same colour

Value: Without colour, we can see the energy impacts

Texture: To choose the size and colours. To ensure, the brand’s logo is easy to understand and to read for customers.

Time: How you arrange the brand’s logo on the picture.

As I have describes that the brand’s logo is another extension of the message for the companies. As a result, the companies need to communicate with customer about their message and to make them trust in order to fully develop business when they design the brand’s logo. Thus, based on this lecture, our group has created brand’s logo as below:

What we have learnt and done!!(Business model design and innovation)

When we think about the new business model, we will try to find the right model such as what we are passionate about. At the beginning, it must be hard to start research and find out the right business model. For this reason, I will explain what we need to think before starting research for your creative business.

“Business people do not just need to understand designers better: they need to become designers.”
(Osterwalder A & Pigneur Y, business model generation, p.125)

Building business model on customer insights.
– What jobs do our customers need to ger done and how can we help?
– What are our customer’s aspirations and how can we help it live up to them?
– How do our customer prefer to be addressed?
– How do we, as an enterprise best fit into their routines?
– What relationship do our customers expect us to establish with them?
– For what value(s) are customers truly willing to pay?